Asphalt, slate, copper, metal, tile and wood roofing systems we design, build, and repair them all. We have seen so much damage caused by chimney leaks and improper flashing that we build custom copper chimney caps and flashings to keep your home free from damaging leaks. Here at Westal Contracting we hold ourselves to the highest standard of workmanship as our attention to detail is unsurpassed. We know what makes a roof watertight, how to find those stubborn leaks especially not only what you see but what you don't see. At Westal we ensure all flashings and underlayment are built to the highest standard to properly insure a water tight roof.

We build flat and tapered roofing systems to provide a path of least resistance for a positive drainage flow.  We are experts in the installation of the EPDM and we are proud to offer the finest EPDM Roofing system available today. We have secured roofs on colleges, religious centers, commercial buildings and large scale residential real estate.  We offer inovative solutions and repairs to all types of flat roof systems. No matter what your problem we have seen it and have a best solutions available...

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We are known throughout the industry for our expert speciality copper work and one of a kind designs so much so that other roofers call us for the uniquely impossible jobs that no one else wants to take on!  We use our old world craftsmanship and experience to provide custom architectural design solutions for all your roofing projects.  We fabricate and install our own copper/metal panels for use on all of our projects. We also provide copper gutter systems, snow and ice guards for any type of installation. Wind, rain, snow, and ice our solutions keep you dry from all of them.

Our slate and tile roofing systems are second to none.. With over 40 years experience we know how and why slate and tile roofing can be one of the best choices when you only want the longest lasting material available! Our expert craftsmen only know the proper way to install and repair these one of a kind roofing systems that is why Westal is your first choice when it comes to these types of roofing solutions and repairs!



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